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Ultra-precision Gaussmeter Calibration System


Descrition:Ultra-precision Gaussmeter Calibration System, whose highest precision is up to 10ppm (0.001%), can be calibrated the gaussmeter of better than 0.01% precision.

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Coliy Gaussmeter Model List
Model Sensor Type Axis Accuracy
Based on reading
Gaussmeters for High Magnetic Field(0-10T)
G91 Hall Handheld 1 2.0% 2T 10μT
G92 Hall Handheld 1 1.0% 10T 10μT
(with probe Y08P150G93)
Hall Handheld 3 1.0% 3T 1μT
G201 Hall Desktop 1 0.25% 10T 1μT
G203 Hall Desktop 3 0.25% 3T 1μT
G401* Hall Desktop 1 0.05% 10T 0.1μT
G403* Hall Desktop 3 0.05% 3T 0.1μT
G501* Hall Desktop 1 0.01% 3T 0.1μT
GSP301 Hall Digital Transmitter 1 1%, 0.5%, 0.25%,0.05%* 10T 0.1μT
GSP303 Hall Digital Transmitter 3 1%, 0.5%, 0.25%*,0.05%* 3T 0.1μT
Gaussmeters for Low Magnetic Field(0- 4.5mT)
GMR50 GMR Handheld 1 1.0% 4.5mT 10nT
(with probe Y08L150G93)
GMR Handheld 3 1.0% 1mT 10nT
GF601 Fluxgate Handheld 1 0.5% 1mT 1nT
GF603 Fluxgate Handheld 3 0.5% 1mT 1nT
GF803* Fluxgate Desktop 3 0.1% 1mT 0.1nT
GFP703 Fluxgate Digital Transmitter 3 0.5% 1mT 1nT
GFP903* Fluxgate Digital Transmitter 3 0.1% 1mT 0.1nT
Magnetic Field Measurement System
GAS3000 Probe Array of Magnetic Field Detection System:
can be used to simultaneously monitor 2- 128 points of magnetic field
Gaussmeter Calibration System DC Magnetic Field
(Accuracy up to 50ppm)
AC Magnetic Field
(Accuracy up to 0.1%)
·Low Range: 0.1nT- 0.1mT
·Middle Range: 0.1- 100mT
·High Range: 1mT- 2T
·Low Range: 0.1μT- 0.1mT
·Middle Range: 0.01- 15mT
·High Range: 0.1- 200mT
AC Magnetic Field Sensor
AMS-2K Range of 3mT; Frequency response 25Hz- 2kHz
AMS-1M Range of 3mT; Frequency response 2kHz- 1MHz
Note: 1T= 10KG; 1mT= 10G;  1μT= 10mG;  1nT= 10μG;    
 “*”: coming soon without notice.

Ultra-precision Gaussmeter Calibration System

Highest precision is up to 10ppm


Ultra-precision Gaussmeter Calibration System is a high precision, powerful, intelligent gaussmeter calibration system. This system uses high-precision all-digital gaussmeter, high-performance precision power DC power supply and  high-uniformity electromagnets to form a closed-loop control of high precision and high stability of the magnetic field generating platform. Through software and hardware platform, the system can achieve real-time display of intelligent defaults, and magnetic field fluctuations in functional graphics and values. Magnetic field generating platform accuracy up: reading ± 0.001%; Uniform magnetic field generated up to 2.4T; Stability of magnetic field: 10ppm / 8 hours. This system is applicable to all test and measurement sector research institutions of various types of magnetic research and military enterprises.

Ultra-precision Gaussmeter Calibration System, whose highest precision is up to 10ppm (0.001%), can be calibrated the gaussmeter of better than 0.01% precision.

Software and Hardware Platform

1. High-precision Gaussmeter: highest precision is up to 10ppm
2. High-performance Precision Power DC Power Supply: Stability is 10ppm / 8 hours
3. High-uniformity Electromagnets: highest uniformity is up to 10ppm / cm3
4. Accessories various ancillary software and high-precision adjustable brackets, etc.


The Detailed Description of System Components

1. High-precision Gaussmeter (accuracy 0.05% to 0.001%)

There are three high-precision gaussmeters: G401 (accuracy of 0.05%), G501 (accuracy of 0.01%) and G601 (accuracy of 0.001%), mainly for the measurement sector, research institutions, military enterprises, shipyards and other large factories.
Parameters G401 G501 G601
Range 0-3T 0-3T 0-2T
Highest Resolution 1mG(0.1μT) 1mG(0.1μT) 1mG(0.1μT)
Base DC Accuracy ±0.05% ±0.01% ±0.001%
Frequency DC-30KHz DC-30KHz DC-5KHz
Temp. Coefficient ±100ppm/oC ±50ppm/oC ±2ppm/oC
Communication Interface  USB USB USB
Clear and bright color display,
 widescreen color display 
Probe Automatic Calibration
 / Auto Memory Operation Mode 
/ Probe Temperature Compensation 
Zero Setting / Relative Measurement Mode YES YES YES
2. Model 9100 Precision High-power DC Power Supply (Stability is 10ppm / 8 hours)
Model 9100 Precision High-power DC Power Supply, the current stability of up to 10ppm / 8 hours, and power up to 12KW, efficiency up to 93%, light weight only 32KG,is suitable for high current, small size and low cost power supply applications.

   Model 9100 Precision High-power DC Power Supply is designed with a high efficiency primary full bridge, phase modulated, zero voltage-switching supply, which offers several benefits compared with traditional hard-switching technology. 

Detailing Features
• Soft start mode
• Adjustable slew rate limit
• Protected against injected inductive energy
• Programmable ramp figures
• Remote or local mode control
• RS232 communication is standard
• Unipolar or bipolar versions

Power 360~440VAC , 3 phase + neutral  47~63Hz
Power Range 3kW- 12kW 
Voltage 60VDC
DC Current 50A - 100 A - 150 A - 200 A
Current Stability
Within 8 hours ±10ppm
Conversion Efficiency 93%
Line Regulation
± 10% slow, T > 1 min. :   :   ±5ppm ±5ppm
± 1% fast, T > 3 msec. ±5ppm
Load Regulation
± 10% resistance change ±5ppm
Output Ripple and Noise
Voltage – peak to peak < 100mV @ 0-100 kHz
Load Range
Time Constant (L/R) 0 - 1 sec
Inductance (L) 0 - 1 H (standard)
Temperature Coefficient
Ambient15 – 40° C 5ppm/°C
Ambient15 – 30° C 1ppm/°C
Current setting resolution 20 bit DAC
Current reproducibility ± 10ppm
Absolute current calibration -0 / +400ppm
Current readback resolution  16 bit ADC
Voltage readback resolution  16 bit ADC
Current control range (setting range)   1 - 100%
Ramp speed (0 – 100%) 0.1 - 10 sec (adjustable)
Current loop bandwidth 2 - 100 Hz
Voltage loop bandwidth >200 Hz
Isolation test voltage (output to case)  1 kV
Note: 9100 Power Supply Can Be Operated In Parallel

Unipolar, 380VAC INPUT  3 Phase + Neutral, Water Cooled
9100-50A-U 50A/60V, Unipolar, including: Local control panel, RS-232 interface, water cooled
9100-100A-U 100A/60V,Unipolar, including: Local control panel, RS-232 interface, water cooled
9100-150A-U 150A/60V,Unipolar, including: Local control panel, RS-232 interface, water cooled
9100-200A-U 200A/60V, Unipolar, including: Local control panel, RS-232 interface, water cooled
Bipolar, 380VAC INPUT  3 Phase + Neutral, Water Cooled 
9100-50A-B ±50A/±60V, Bipolar, including: Local control panel, RS-232 interface, water cooled
9100-100A-B ±100A/±60V, Bipolar, including: Local control panel, RS-232 interface, water cooled
9100-150A-B ±150A/±60V, Bipolar, including: Local control panel, RS-232 interface, water cooled
   3.High-uniformity Electromagnets (highest uniformity up to 10ppm/cm3 )
SB-type electromagnets are Coliy's new-generation dual-tone double yoke structure electromagnets. SB-type electromagnets, whose two-way adjustable magnetic field gap and double-
yoke structure forming a closed magnetic circuit, have a better rigidity and the horizontal magnetic field; inclined yoke 45 degree angle, to facilitate handling of samples and with other devices combined into architecture. 
 The design and magnetic circuit of SB-type electromagnets are reasonable. Pole sizes from 100mm-250mm and weight from 200KG-1920KG, form a series of products. Electromagnet fine processing ensures the pole coaxial collimated and ampere turns in the line package of the most number, which can be concentrated to a minimum volume, to make the excitation power per kilowatt to get the strongest magnetic field per unit volume inside the line package. Meanwhile, it can be working air gap in the immediate vicinity of the greater patency. Electromagnet can be naturally cooled and can also be water cooled , to ensure that the electromagnets work under normal temperatures. SB-type electromagnet gap adjustment range is wide, and the pole is easy to replace, suitable for a variety of magnetic measurements.

  SB-100 SB-130 SB-175 SB-200 SB-250
Maximum of Pole Diameter (mm) 100 130 175 200 250
Gap Adjustable Range(mm) 0-100
Magnetic Field(T) >2.0T >2.0T >2.0T >2.0T >2.0T
Power (KW) 2.0 3.8 6.5 10.0 12.0
Weight (KG) 200 430 630 930 1920
User can configure a number of different sizes of pole in an electromagnet and independently replace the pole.

Uniformity of the magnetic field is determined by the following factors: the electromagnet power, pole diameter, gap. The magnetic field uniformity can be  up to 10ppm per cm3 by selecting the appropriate parameters.

   4. Accessories various ancillary software and high-precision adjustable brackets, etc.