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GSP303 3-Axis Digital Magnetic Field Transmitter


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 Coliy Gaussmeter Model List
Model Sensor Type Axis Accuracy
Based on reading
Gaussmeters for High Magnetic Field(0-10T)
G91 Hall Handheld 1 2.0% 2T 10μT
G92 Hall Handheld 1 1.0% 10T 10μT
(with probe Y08P150G93)
Hall Handheld 3 1.0% 3T 1μT
G201 Hall Desktop 1 0.25% 10T 1μT
G203 Hall Desktop 3 0.25% 3T 1μT
G401* Hall Desktop 1 0.05% 10T 0.1μT
G403* Hall Desktop 3 0.05% 3T 0.1μT
G501* Hall Desktop 1 0.01% 3T 0.1μT
GSP301 Hall Digital Transmitter 1 1%, 0.5%, 0.25%,0.05%* 10T 0.1μT
GSP303 Hall Digital Transmitter 3 1%, 0.5%, 0.25%*,0.05%* 3T 0.1μT
Gaussmeters for Low Magnetic Field(0- 4.5mT)
GMR50 GMR Handheld 1 1.0% 4.5mT 10nT
(with probe Y08L150G93)
GMR Handheld 3 1.0% 1mT 10nT
GF601 Fluxgate Handheld 1 0.5% 1mT 1nT
GF603 Fluxgate Handheld 3 0.5% 1mT 1nT
GF803* Fluxgate Desktop 3 0.1% 1mT 0.1nT
GFP703 Fluxgate Digital Transmitter 3 0.5% 1mT 1nT
GFP903* Fluxgate Digital Transmitter 3 0.1% 1mT 0.1nT
Magnetic Field Measurement System
GAS3000 Probe Array of Magnetic Field Detection System:
can be used to simultaneously monitor 2- 128 points of magnetic field
Gaussmeter Calibration System DC Magnetic Field
(Accuracy up to 50ppm)
AC Magnetic Field
(Accuracy up to 0.1%)
·Low Range: 0.1nT- 0.1mT
·Middle Range: 0.1- 100mT
·High Range: 1mT- 2T
·Low Range: 0.1μT- 0.1mT
·Middle Range: 0.01- 15mT
·High Range: 0.1- 200mT
AC Magnetic Field Sensor
AMS-2K Range of 3mT; Frequency response 25Hz- 2kHz
AMS-1M Range of 3mT; Frequency response 2kHz- 1MHz
Note: 1T= 10KG; 1mT= 10G;  1μT= 10mG;  1nT= 10μG;    
 “*”: coming soon without notice.

 GSP303 3-Axis Digital Magnetic Field Transmitter

With industry standard design, the latest electronic technology and high-strength sealed aluminum alloy enclosure, 3-Axis Digital Magnetic Field Transmitter GSP303, made by COLIY, has become so stable and reliable that can be connected to a computer, controller, PLC, DCS and display instruments. Meanwhile, 3-Axis Digital Magnetic Field Transmitter GSP303 is easy to install, easy to make into an integrated system, and able to meet the industrial production of a variety of complex environments and requirements.

3-Axis Digital Magnetic Field Transmitter GSP303 has passed the CE certification and EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) test, and could make magnetic field intensity  directly converted into 2-channel digital signals (RS485 and USB) and one analog signal (±3V or ±10V). Typical applications are that mapping magnetic field, magnetizing effect determination, residual magnetism testing, quality control and monitoring systems (generators, motors), laboratories and so on.

Digital Magnetic Field Transmitter GSP303 power supply is very unique, as 5VDC- 36VDC wide power supply. Lack of power supply or power supply equipment failure situation will lead to voltage instability, and will be likely to cause instability in the test data or hardware damage. Wide voltage power supply, effectively ensures that Digital Magnetic Field Transmitter GSP303 will work stably and has better reliability when power supply voltage is unstable.

There is a unique feature for 3-axis probe of Transmitter GSP303: With the MEMS manufacturing technology, 3-axis probe sensor provides very high spatial resolution (0.1*0.1*0.1mm3)  and high angular accuracy (orthogonality error < 0.05°), and the thickness of 3-axis probe is 2mm, and it’s suitable for institutes, universities and enterprises.

 • Manufactured by industry standards
 • Cost-effective
 • High reliability and stability
 • High-strength sealed aluminum alloy enclosure
 • Power supply voltage 5VDC- 36VDC
 • Digital signals(RS485 and USB) output
 • Analog signal(±3V or ±10V) output
 • Through EMC test and CE Standard
 • Explosion - proof model available
 • Instrument-grade GaAs Hall Sensor
 • Accuracy of 1%, 0.5%, 0.25%, or 0.05%
 • Range of 30KG(3T)
 • Frequency DC- 800Hz
 • High orthogonality accuracy (< 0.05°)
 • High spatial resolution(0.1*0.1*0.1mm3)
 • Temperature sensor-contained Probe:
   Temperature compensation

 • Probe thickness: only 2mm
 • Probe can be customized

PC Software


GSP303 Digital Magnetic Field Transmitter Specification:

Measurement Specification
Accuracy(DC) ±1% of reading ± 100ppm of Range
±0.5% of reading ± 80ppm of Range
±0.25% of reading ± 50ppm of Range*
±0.05% of reading ± 20ppm of Range*  
  (* : will come soon in future)
Range 30KG(3T)
Best Resolution 0.1G(0.01mT)   [DC accuracy of 1% or 0.5%]
0.01G(1μT)      [DC accuracy of 0.25%]
0.001G(0.1μT)   [DC accuracy of 0.05%]
Frequency Response DC - 800Hz
Typical Temperature Coefficient <±500ppm/℃    [Typical 3-Axis Probe]
<±100ppm/℃    [Temperature Sensor-contained 3-Axis Probe]
Zero Drift <±0.3G/ 168 hours
Long-term Instability of Sensitivity <0.1% over 1 year
Minimum Magnitudes for Rated AC Accuracy 3% of Range
Probes Typical 3-Axis Probes and Temperature sensor-contained 3-Axis Probe
Digital Output
Function To connect with a computer, controller, PLC, DCS and display instruments for digital signal output
USB Interface Cable: MAX. 2m; Data update rate: MAX. 30 Sample/s
RS485 Interface Cable: MAX. 500m; Data update rate: MAX. 30 Sample/s
Analog Output
Function Real-time analog voltages output: these are high-level differential voltages in proportion to the magnetic flux density vector
Range ±3 V    [When Transmitter’s DC Accuracy is 1% or 0.5%]
±10 V   [When Transmitter’s DC Accuracy is 0.25% or 0.05%]
Proportion 3V(or 10V) in proportion to the selected measurement range
(Note: Magnetic field measurement range can be arbitrarily set(selected) by software, in proportion to analog output voltage. For example, measurement range is set as 2500G)
Frequency Response DC to 800 Hz 
Output Resistance < 100 Ω (short circuit protected)
SMART PC Software
Function 1, Automatically record and display trend graph;
2, Display magnetic flux density, maximum and minimum in real time;
3, Choose DC Measurement Mode or AC Measurement Mode;
4, Arbitrarily set(select) the measurement range that is proportional to analog output voltage, etc.
Transmitter Specification
Working Temperature -20°C  to  +60°C
Storage Temperature -20°C  to  +75°C
Power Consumption (MAX)1.2W
Power Supply 5VDC- 36VDC
Dimension 165 mm W × 95 mm H × 40 mm D
Weight 300g
Certification CE Certification, EMC Certification

GSP303 Transmitter’s Dimension and Terminals

1, Transmitter Terminals Description
Terminals Description
B Digital Signal Output(RS485)
[Cable Length: max. 500m]
OUT Analog Signal Output
(±3V or ±10V)
D- Digital Signal Output(USB)
[Cable Length: max. 2m]
(DC-IN)+ DC Power Supply
(5VDC- 36VDC)
2, Probe’s Dimension
Probe Specification
Probe Type and Specification See in Description Of Transmitter Type Selection
Probe Dimension 20 x 4.5 x 1mm
Probe cable length See in Description Of Transmitter Type Selection
The position of sensor center D=3mm ± 0.2mm
Description Of Transmitter Type Selection
3-Axis Digital Magnetic Field Transmitter Range Accuracy
(Based on reading)
Probe Cable Length Temp. compensation (Temperature sensor- contained 3-Axis Probe) Explosion- proof model
3T 1%
(“*” : will come soon in future)
GSP303 3T 0.5% 2m TC EX
 Example of 3-Axis Digital Magnetic Field Transmitter: GSP303-3T-0.5%-2m-TC-EX
1.The digital output accuracy is based on reading, and , and not affected by Range;
2.The analog output voltage is in proportion to the magnetic field intensity vector;
3.Magnetic field measurement range, which is proportional to analog output voltage, can be arbitrarily set(selected) by software;
4.Temperature sensor contained Probe, has the function of temperature compensation, and the temperature coefficient is <±100ppm/℃;
5.All 3-axis probes’ fully calibrated measurement range: ±20KG(±2T);
6.Frequency Response: DC to 800Hz;
7.All 3-Axis Digital Magnetic Field Transmitters have 2-channel digital signals (RS485 and USB) outputs and one analog signal (±3V or ±10V) output.


Optional Accessories
Model Description
PS2012 Power Adapter; Input: 100VDC- 230VDC; Output: 12VDC, 2A
ZC10 Zero chamber, provides up to 80 dB attenuation in fields up to 500 G and can be used with standard probes. Internal dimension of the Chamber: diameter 6.8mm x 44.5mm
S485USB RS485 to USB adapter
PUSB USB connector
The most popular Package
ORDER GSP30301: Transmitter GSP303-3T-1%-2m-TC + Zero Chamber ZC10

Precision Description Of COLIY Transmitter
• When using Transmitter to measure magnetic field in the environment that ambient temperature changes obviously, it’s recommended to use temperature sensor-contained probe with the Transmitter. Temperature sensor-contained probe has the function of temperature compensation for better precision and stability when the temperature changes.

• When the magnetic field is within 30KG(3T), users could directly choose the accuracy grade according to users’ desired accuracy. For example, users use transmitter, whose accuracy is 1%, to detect a magnetic field at about 1000G. Then transmitter’s reading range is 1000G ± 1000G * 1%, instead of 1000G ± 30000G * 1%, for COLIY transmitter’s accuracy is based on reading rather than transmitter’s range. (30000G is the transmitter’s range)

Compare With Competitors
an advantage
3-Axis Digital Magnetic Field Transmitter GSP303
3-Axis Magnetic Field Transducer F3A
Accuracy* Based on reading Based on range
Temperature Coefficient 100ppm/℃
(Probe with built-in
temperature sensor)
Power Supply One channel, 5- 36VDC Two channels, ±12VDC
Analog Output ±3V or ±10V ±10V
Digital Signal Output(USB) YES NO
Digital Signal Output(RS485) YES NO
* : Accuracy could be customized.

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