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GF601 Single-Axis Fluxgate Magnetometer


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 Coliy Gaussmeter Model List
Model Sensor Type Axis Accuracy
Based on reading
Gaussmeters for High Magnetic Field(0-10T)
G91 Hall Handheld 1 2.0% 2T 10μT
G92 Hall Handheld 1 1.0% 10T 10μT
(with probe Y08P150G93)
Hall Handheld 3 1.0% 3T 1μT
G201 Hall Desktop 1 0.25% 10T 1μT
G203 Hall Desktop 3 0.25% 3T 1μT
G401* Hall Desktop 1 0.05% 10T 0.1μT
G403* Hall Desktop 3 0.05% 3T 0.1μT
G501* Hall Desktop 1 0.01% 3T 0.1μT
GSP301 Hall Digital Transmitter 1 1%, 0.5%, 0.25%,0.05%* 10T 0.1μT
GSP303 Hall Digital Transmitter 3 1%, 0.5%, 0.25%*,0.05%* 3T 0.1μT
Gaussmeters for Low Magnetic Field(0- 4.5mT)
GMR50 GMR Handheld 1 1.0% 4.5mT 10nT
(with probe Y08L150G93)
GMR Handheld 3 1.0% 1mT 10nT
GF601 Fluxgate Handheld 1 0.5% 1mT 1nT
GF603 Fluxgate Handheld 3 0.5% 1mT 1nT
GF803* Fluxgate Desktop 3 0.1% 1mT 0.1nT
GFP703 Fluxgate Digital Transmitter 3 0.5% 1mT 1nT
GFP903* Fluxgate Digital Transmitter 3 0.1% 1mT 0.1nT
Magnetic Field Measurement System
GAS3000 Probe Array of Magnetic Field Detection System:
can be used to simultaneously monitor 2- 128 points of magnetic field
Gaussmeter Calibration System DC Magnetic Field
(Accuracy up to 50ppm)
AC Magnetic Field
(Accuracy up to 0.1%)
·Low Range: 0.1nT- 0.1mT
·Middle Range: 0.1- 100mT
·High Range: 1mT- 2T
·Low Range: 0.1μT- 0.1mT
·Middle Range: 0.01- 15mT
·High Range: 0.1- 200mT
AC Magnetic Field Sensor
AMS-2K Range of 3mT; Frequency response 25Hz- 2kHz
AMS-1M Range of 3mT; Frequency response 2kHz- 1MHz
Note: 1T= 10KG; 1mT= 10G;  1μT= 10mG;  1nT= 10μG;    
 “*”: coming soon without notice.

GF601 Single-Axis Fluxgate Magnetometer 
Single-axis Fluxgate Magnetometer GF601, made by COLIY, has the excellent ergonomic design with the latest electronic technology, and it’s one of best choices to measure low-intensity magnetic field. This handheld fluxgate Gaussmeter can be used in geomagnetism detection, wrapped detection, traffic monitoring, measuring residual magnetism, low-intensity magnetic field measurement, etc. GF601 boasts with an industrial class 3.2 inches touch panel display that enables customers’ instantaneous and simultaneous measurement results (Max/ Min/ Peak/ Hold/ Alarm/ Polarity, Magnetic Flux Intensity, and a Trend Graph etc.).

Magnetometer GF601 can be used to detect low-intensity magnetic field in DC measurement mode and AC measurement mode respectively: GF601 allows DC measurements with the reading-based accuracy of 0.50%, resolution of 0.01mG(1nT) and AC measurement with the reading based accuracy of 1%, resolution of 0.1mG(10nT), and frequency response range of DC~ 1KHz. In addition, Gaussmeter GF601 could be equipped with Transverse Probes and Axial Probes of different range: ±1G(±100μT), ±5G(±500μT) and ±10G(±1mT).
 • Ergonomically designed
 • Colorful display style 
 • GUI Operation System
 • 3.2 inches color touch LCD 
 • Full 5 display digits
 • Max/Min/Hold Function
 • Display trend graph & Alarm 
 • S or N Polar indication
 • Smart record and review
 • Range: ±1G(±100μT), ±5G(±500μT) 
   and ±10G(±1mT)
 • DC Accuracy: 0.50% of reading
 • AC Accuracy: 1% of reading
 • AC measurement mode
 • Frequency response: DC- 1KHz
 • Stability: ±2nT (>1μT, within 8 hours, 25 ℃)
 • USB Interface port
 • Rechargeable batteries can work >24h

GF601 Magnetometer Specification:
Model GF601
Measurement Specification
Accuracy DC 0.50% of reading ± 0.05% of Full Scale
AC ±1% of reading ± 0.05% of Full Scale, when fT < 400Hz;
±2% of reading ± 0.05% of Full Scale, when fT < 600Hz;
±7% of reading ± 0.05% of Full Scale, when fT < 1000Hz
Range DC ±1G
AC* ±0.7G
Best Resolution DC 0.01mG(1nT) 0.05mG(5nT) 0.1mG(10nT)
AC 0.1mG(10nT) 0.5mG(50nT) 1mG(100nT)
Display Digits 5
Display Resolution Display Range
0~ 999.9mG
1.000G~ 9.999G 0.1mG(10nT)
DC - 1KHz
Typical Temperature
Hysteresis <2nT for exposure to up to 2 x full scale
Zero Drift ±2nT/ 8 hours
Minimum Magnitudes for Rated AC Accuracy >10mG
Long-term Instability <±2nT (>1μT, Within 8 hour, 25℃)
MAX/ MIN Acquisition
Front Panel
Screen 3.2 inches colorful tough LCD,320x240 Pixel
Units Gauss(G), Tesla(T), Amperes per meter (A/m)
Display Update Rate 3 readings/second
Display Mode DC, AC, MAX, MIN, Alarm, Polarity Indication, Trend Graph etc.
Panel Feature Color resistive touch screen
Probes Transverse Fluxgate Probe, Axial Fluxgate Probe
USB Interface
Function To connect PC with gaussmeter host for monitoring the measurement
Data Update Rate MAX. 30 Sample/s
Software/ Driver SMART PC Software without any driver
Host Specifications
Ambient Temperature +15°C  to  +35°C (Rated Accuracy)
-10°C  to  +60°C (Reduced Accuracy)
Storage Temperature - 20°C  to  +75°C
Ambient Magnetic Field <100 G DC
Battery Rechargeable 4500mAH Li-ion
Operating battery life >24 hours(Standard Testing Environment)
Dimension 238 mm W × 95 mm H × 42 mm D
Weight 350g
Certification CE Certification, EMC Certification
“*”: AC Range mentioned above refers to AC magnetic field measurement range after DC magnetic field is shielded, so if DC magnetic field is not shielded, and users want to measure magnetic field in AC measurement mode, AC Range is equivalent to the value that 0.7 times of DC Range minus DC magnetic field intensity. [sqrt(2)/2 ≈ 0.7]
Probes Specification


Model GF601 Magnetometer Probes
Probe Model Range Resolution Frequency
Stem dimension
Working temp. (°C) DC Accuracy
(Based on reading at 25°C)
Stem material
DC-1KHz 107 x 32 x 32 -20 - +60 0.50% Plastic
GF-T05 ±500,000nT
DC-1KHz 107 x 32 x 32 -20 - +60 0.50% Plastic
GF-T10 ±1,000,000nT
DC-1KHz 107 x 32 x 32 -20 - +60 0.50% Plastic
DC-1KHz 107 x 32 x 32 -20 - +60 0.50% Plastic
GF-A05 ±500,000nT
DC-1KHz 107 x 32 x 32 -20 - +60 0.50% Plastic
GF-A10 ±1,000,000nT
DC-1KHz 107 x 32 x 32 -20 - +60 0.50% Plastic
1.Single-axis fluxgate probe can be customized within ±10G(±1mT) measurement range;
2.Unit Conversion: 1T=10,000G

Optional Accessories

Model Descriptions
SAMRT PC Software PC SOFTWARE for Gaussmeter
STD30 Bracket for main unit
GHOLD100 3-Direction Precision Movement Platform, is made of non-magnetic material. Users fixed the probe on the bracket front-end, and then manually rotate the knob so that the probe moves stably along the X, Y, Z-axis to a certain position and lock fixed. Maximum stroke of each axis is 150mm, positioning accuracy of 0.1mm; center load: 10kg; weight: 3.5kg
The most popular Package
ORDER GF601T01: Magnetometer GF601 + Probe GF-T01
ORDER GF601T05: Magnetometer GF601 + Probe GF-T05
ORDER GF601T10: Magnetometer GF601 + Probe GF-T10
ORDER GF601A01: Magnetometer GF601 + Probe GF-A01
ORDER GF601A05: Magnetometer GF601 + Probe GF-A05
ORDER GF601A10: Magnetometer GF601 + Probe GF-A10
Description Of Probe Type Selection

GF T 01
GF- Fluxgate Probe

Y- Three-axis Probe
T- Transverse Probe
A- Axial Probe
01- Range of 1G
05- Range of 5G
10- Range of 10G

Compare With Competitors

an advantage
 GF601 + GF-A10 
GF601 + GF-T10
Accuracy(DC) 0.5% of reading 0.5% of Full Scale
DC/AC Measurement Mode DC Mode & AC Mode DC Mode
Range 10G
Resolution 10μG
Frequency Response DC- 1KHz DC- 400Hz
Display Digits 5 31/2
Temperature Coefficient 100ppm/℃ 200ppm/℃
Operation System GUI Button Control
Polar indication YES NO
Smart record and review YES NO
Alarm Function YES NO
GF601 Single-Axis Fluxgate Gaussmeter
COLIY Gaussmeter  CE  Certification

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